A Test

This is a test – this is only a test – of the Emergency Artwork System. The Ogdens of your area in voluntary cooperation with the people in charge and other authorities have developed this system to keep you fully supplied with art in the event of an emergency.

This blog serves the third planet in the solar system.

Yeah, technology ate my old blog. PHP incompatibilities and password vulnerabilities yada yada yada. So I killed all of it. Croaker’s Gorge. Moon Town. Braincast. Magnificatz. My Blog. My contact page. My projects page.

I will be revising it all and coming up with new ways of handling my old content but for now, I have at least a placeholder for the blog. As for my contact page, that’s up and running on this new, improved blog. And Magnificatz is hosted at Tumblr and always available at Magnificatz.com

Thanks for your patience.


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