Taraniki, Magnificatz and the Future

So… this little guy, yeah? I call him Taraniki, and I can’t seem to stop drawing him. Not anything intentional, mind you, unless you count the dozens of images I did for an October inking challenge in the fall of 2019. No, it’s more… he comes out in doodles while I’m on the phone or otherwise absentmindedly moving my pen.

I have no idea what his story is, but he has certainly done a great job of arguing for his own existence since 2000. That’s twenty years(!) and it’s unusual for an idea to linger in my mind like that for so long without me doing anything about it.

Which brings me to… You no doubt know I have a syndicated strip called Magnificatz which I’ve been creating since 2013? As I write this on JAN 2, 2020, I am writing my 300th Magnificatz strip, and I’m starting to feel like that’s enough, you know? I’m not sure what I’ll do next – cut back to a strip or so a week? Drop it entirely? Place it in re-runs? I dunno. But I am feeling the urge to do something else besides my beloved little cute cat cartoon.

Taraniki is a likely candidate for my next project. As I say, I like drawing him and his adventures, even though I’m not exactly sure what they are. But I might just as easily tackle one of my other projects that I’ve put on hold during Magnificatz’ run.

I may do a graphic novel. I may create a new comic strip (even though that’s looking increasingly unlikely… the thought of building a strip up from the ground right now exhausts me) or… I may go off half-cocked and start writing these novels I’ve had rattling around in my head for so long. Hugh Howey’s advice is pounding pretty strongly in my head:

“There’s no guarantee you’ll get rich from self-publishing. There’s less guarantee you’ll get rich from querying agents.

I’ve been self-publishing for a decade now after decades of publisher rejection convinced me I’d better strike out on my own. Looks like I’m going to continue to do so.

What’s next? I dunno. Taraniki? Comics, Graphic Novels, Prose? Something else? You never know. But I hope it will be as fun for you to read as it will be for me to create.

Thanks for joining me so far, and happy 2020 to us all!