The Eidolon Stone

In my spare time, I am working on a novel called The Eidolon Stone.

Don’t worry – Doc and the Deathbot aren’t going away (at least not any time soon – I will continue publishing new strips for them each MON and THU on my various social media accounts) but I will comment on my progress on this novel here from time to time. I’m one for throwing my hat over the fence so then I have to go get it. And so I am.

The Eidolon Stone is the story of a woman who struggles to trap an unspeakable evil in a mystic stone after accidentally setting the evil free. Think Pandora trying to put the monsters back into the box.

I have discovered the joy of putting some of myself into the story. When I was a charming little kid, I had a habit of getting my words mixed up. Maybe I had a mild form of dyslexia or the like, but I would say “Sotormichael” instead of “Motorcycle”, “Gubbies” instead of “Bugs”. This was not intentional at first, but once I realized the laughs I’d get from my family from these malapropisms, I kept it up well after I recognized my mistake.

As I am the master of my own storytelling universe, and no one can tell me what to do, I have given that trait to my protagonist, who we meet as a young girl in the start of the story. I also gave her the traits of loving the water, and big rocks, and looking for little critters in streams. My mother and I used to take picnic lunches down to the stream behind our house, and we’d eat on big rocks overlooking the water. All those things, all those great memories? Into the book with ya.

“There’s some of me in you!” J. F. Sebastian said in Blade Runner to a replicant whose genetics he’d helped design.

We all put a little of ourselves into our work, don’t we?

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