Someone clever edited a shot of the Death Star trench fight from Star Wars, with that one pilot saying “Almost…there…” wayyyy too many times. So, OK, I’m that guy. Almost there. Almost there. But seriously, I’m almost back to Moon Town.

See above? That’s one of the panels from the 6-pager I’m doing for Tom Dell’Aringa’s Marooned collection. When I’m done with that – I should be finishing up this weekend – I’ll be wrapping up my audiobook version of Headstones and Monuments. So then… by mid-October… I should be able to get you the last two pages Moon Town book one, all redrawn and remastered and written all good-like.

After that…we’ll see. But at least I will have gotten you what I set out to provide. Thank you for your patience, and that’s this month’s update.