The Mini-hiatus – or – “What the heck are you doing with all your time!?”

As I noted HERE, I am doing many things right now instead of Moon Town. Not that I don’t like Moon Town, mind you. Ugh. Double negative – I meant to say, “I still really like Moon Town and have high hopes for finishing Book One soon.”

Aside from the full raft of Ogden Projects I cited in that post, I wanted to draw your attention to one more project that I have taken on, which is keeping me away from MT just a little longer, but I think it’s worth it: a sequel to the Marooned Payload comic I did for Tom Dell’Aringa four years ago. It is somewhat un-creatively titled Payload 2, and we’ve been on this for the past few weeks. Tom and I co-wrote it, I’m penciling and inking, and Tom is coloring. See my pencils of Lian, above.

So, the bad news is that the final two pages of Moon Town Book One will be delayed for a bit longer, but the good news is that the more I draw Lian from Marooned, the more I enjoy it, and, I think, the better I get at drawing. Which is a long way of saying, I suppose, that I needed this. You can follow my progress, of course, at the Steve Ogden Art Facebook Page, where I talk about all my nutty projects – not just Moon Town – first. Hope to see you there. And tell your friends.